Ode to sunflower

February 23, 2018
By Smillinggladys18 BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
Smillinggladys18 BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
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Dear sunflower,


One day, mum took you home for my eighteenth birthday.

I filled a pink pot with soil, and carefully planted you in.
I placed you at mum’s garden and watered you every day.
In the blink of an eye, you turned into a sapling from just a tiny seed.
You give me hope, motivation and made me realise so much.


Your flower bloomed all year round, even when the weather is icy cold.
Your stem will never break, even when the strongest cyclone hit.
Your body keep on moving to face the orangey and yellowy sunshine, even when the dark clouds occupy the entire sky.


Your flower reminded me that my value will never fade, no matter how many sins I have.
Your stem reminded me that nothing will defeat me, if I stand straight with my head up.
Your body movement reminded me that there is always a solution, even when the sky collapse.

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