There's a stud in my closet

February 23, 2018

He walked with a casual strut and held his head high like a stud
With a crisp cigar in his mouth he drove me around in his favorite Shelby as dusk turned into dawn
Now his Shelby takes up space in my garage left to never start since it’s a dud
His admiration for me imprisoned my soul but it’s sad to admit the praises were a pawn

He left traces of his whisky lips all over me and they were ever so soft and full of sultry
As I make traces of his name in this pool of red wine I accept that I will never forgive him for his crime
I caught him in my books adding up my assets as if he were writing an itinerary
He thought he could get away with the knife, but I made sure to pull the trigger in time

Oh what a gentleman he was, I won’t forget his charm, however little did I know it was all a façade
I believed he wanted me for love, but he only wanted his hands in my deep pockets
If only he had loved me for me he might have been alive right now, but he just had to be a fraud
Now I sit here deciding if I should hide his body in one of my closets

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