Chain Reaction

February 23, 2018
By rahulbola00 BRONZE, Brampton, Ontario
rahulbola00 BRONZE, Brampton, Ontario
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Loud voices in the distance, not a whisper at his table 

Empty seats watch his lonely soul

With no one to talk to, he feels his life's unstable

People talk behind his back, he has no control.


Staring in space, a wrapper hits his face

He tilts his head, eye to eye with the Jerk

On his bum, he's been thrown out of place

Laughter erupts, he thinks he's going berserk.


He flashes past events, it fuels him with rage

His hands form into fists, an unleashed animal.

An easy target, it's time he sets the stage

Fired eyes seek harm, to others unimaginable.


Planting his feet, he rises high

Furious face, looking down at the crowd

Staring at the Jerk, about to make him cry

Knocked him out, never been more proud.

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