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March 27, 2009
By Allie Osterman BRONZE, Claypool, Indiana
Allie Osterman BRONZE, Claypool, Indiana
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Are we blind?
Or do we choose not
to see?
See the world you WANT
to see
Not see the world you NEED
to see.
See the deaf man but
still carries on that same conversation.
The blinb man that's playing his guitar.
The poor lady that sings
the lullaby that her mom
sang to her...
The little girl that skips into
the candy shop holding her mom's
That rich snobby couple, the wife gabbing away on her phone...
The hip-hop dancers on the
corner, trying to dance for money.
Think, don't over analize life...
You'll miss the best things.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because, people in this world now days only see the material things. But i'm pretty sure that if you walk down the strrets of a city you'll see that not everyone is rich. Some people don't even have homes.
I hope that this poem touches and speaks to the hearts of the people that read this. And always know that not everyone is "lucky" like you....

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