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February 16, 2018
By northcutts BRONZE, Sacramento, California
northcutts BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Everyday I wake up,
I think about my family and the good feelings that I image about the times when I was younger and I have lots of memories of fun time like if I fly around the world and also last year my 2017 graduation from Rosa Parks middle school and when I graduation me and my family went to the joe’s crab shack and some of my family would play with the crab like scratch me with it like if it was a toy,and with the dessert we would always get a lot all at one time and then our stomach would always be hard like a rock which means you need to take a big “BOO BOO” and it not good,and when I had the hot spicy chicken I would put some buttermilk ranch with some bomb “HOT SAUCE” with a good drink sprite soda on the side and I love my Family I know that might thing I don’t but I do I also like the trips we have been to like Monterey bay CA and San francisco CA ,it was so “FUN” out their all in one day and it felt like if I  was laying on the clouds and my childhood  adventure is  really wonderful being apart of my strong family no matter what happened in the past we still stand tall through each battle we had to face that’s why I can never give up on my family family never will which is my knot that can never be untied.

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