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I Am From

February 16, 2018
By MiaRitten BRONZE, Alexandria, Minnesota
MiaRitten BRONZE, Alexandria, Minnesota
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I am from the use of technology by 2 year olds
from politics and “Hey baby, give me a smile”
I am from the well favored marijuana, smoked by lonely teenagers
Education that is looked upon as a death sentence
I am from the neverending pollution in the environment
The uncontrollable cruelty of animals forced into human entertainment
whose long forgotten feelings I remember
as if they were my own.

I’m from empty alcohol bottles and hidden bruises left on inner thighs
from my fragile mother and absent father
I’m from deserted dinners and misplaced trust and from promises that always seem to be broken.
I’m from “It’s our little secret” and “Don’t disappoint me”
From aunts and uncles where parents should be
I’m from dirty streets and marbled mansions and forced religious praise.

From shot dead on the street because of his color
Who, at seventeen, never got to say goodbye to his mother.
I am from dark hearts    
All over the world with only a few who still have their glow

I am from.

The author's comments:

Ever since I became vegetarian I have been noticing a lot of things that I stand against. I believe that all of the topics mentioned in my poem are not right and they need to be changed. We need to do something about these problems because this is not where I want to be from.

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