Ode to Fortnite

February 16, 2018

Oh Fortnite, Glorious Fortnite
Countless days of me playing
Over the headset I hear mad friends screaming
because I jumped to early
I hear them saying they have legendary scars
Or shields potions
Yet I have two bandages and a revolver with six ammo
I try to find them but get lost, again
This is usual and not fun for me

I look up and see a building so I head in
I hear a noise, I see another player, then I tense
This happens a lot for him
He gets shot tries to run and then parishes
I am thrown on the ground and roll under the bed
This is usual and not fun for me
He can’t find me when he wants to play again
I perish
Oh Fortnite
Oh glorious Fortnite

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