Heroin, My Sweetest Sin

February 14, 2018
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“I have control over myself. I won’t be addicted.”
That’s what they all say,
Now they’re laying in a grave.

The first few times give an amazing high,
You feel as if you’re on the top of the world,
In a blissful state, away from all the pain. Everything is truly great.

So, you decide to try it again,
Convinced that you won’t become obsessed.
Your body is craving the feeling again.
But you’re running out of money, so you borrow from a “friend”.
And you keep on going, until it’s no longer something you do for fun. 
Now you need it, inside your veins. 24/7, or else you’ll go insane.

Your body shakes with every morning you wake,
You vomit your guts out, and your stomach is tied in a knot.
You feel chills all over, though the temperature is a high of 85.
You tell yourself you wouldn’t get hooked. You are living a lie. 

Your body screams for one more shot,
And you convince yourself “This is the last one!”
But deep down, you know within,
That heroin is your sweetest sin.

You give up everything for it,
Your body, your mind, your friends, and your soul.
You succumb to the sickness inside,
Wishing you could run… wishing you could hide.

You grow weaker,
And your “friends” are have left,
They do not want to be associated with you.
For you’re now a junkie, you’re too far gone.
Your body grows thinner, you cannot eat right,
And all you can do is take another shot.
So you’re able to try to sleep at night.

You have an addiction,
And your body is starting to decay,
You’re rotting inside and out.
Your body transformed into something you never knew,
You’re a disgrace, who is addicted to filling your body with waste.

Heroin was your sweetest sin. 

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NumbaOne17 said...
yesterday at 11:50 pm
Keep up the good work!!!!!
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