Where Is God?

April 3, 2009
By , Talala, OK
People may be wondering: “Where is God?”
“How could He let all this happen?”
Tuesday, February 10th,
When Tornados devastated
The Oklahoma town of Long Grove?
15 dead, 30 unaccounted For.
That’s what Good Morning America
Reported the next Morning.
Thursday, February 12th,
What was God doing?
Was He watching a grieving Mother,
A desperate Father, and the policemen of Florida
Search for a missing Person – a 5-year-old little girl –
Who was snatched from her own Bed
In the dead of Night?
What about Friday, February 13th?
A passenger jet went Down
In Buffalo, Crashing into a house.
50 dead, that’s what They’re saying.
All 49 aboard the Jet perished,
Along with 1 in the House.
“Where is God?” the people Cry out.
“Why is He letting this unspeakable Terror happen?”
So where was God during Everything?
He was there in the Storm,
Walking through the Debris and the Chaos.
He is the one who
Calms the Storms.
He was there in Florida,
Holding the little Girl close, comforting her.
He knows what it is like
To lose a Child.
He was there on the Jet and in the House,
Calming the pilot, steadying his heart.
He was with the passengers and the family on the Ground.
He understood the heartache and He will Heal it.
He is the Heartbreak healer.
He is with the Smallest child
Crying out in hunger around the World in Africa.
He is with Every student
In every School, every Country.
He is with the elderly
In the Homes and Hospitals.
He is with The homeless
And the Less fortunate.
God is Everywhere.

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K.H.P. said...
Mar. 30, 2010 at 10:27 am
This is mine.
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