What Lies Beneath

April 3, 2009
I grip the knife
tightly in my sweaty hand.
I wish death upon you
and all that you stand for.

You've cause me too much pain
for this fitful relationship to go on.
I want to be rid of your infection
I don't want to suffer from your disease.
You parasitic piece of filth.
You play on my insecurities.
and you fill my head with negatives.
Everywhere I go, I feel you shadowing me
with everything I do I know you watch.
You criticize my every move.
You beat my mind with a broom labeled love.
Your presence terribly frightens me
and I wish that it would stop.

I grip the pen
tightly in my sweaty hand.
I can't wish death upon you
because the you that I despise
is the me that everyone loves.

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