4-H Club

January 28, 2018
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One day, I went to the 4-H
Hoping to find my niche
In training with dogs, Service Dogs
Often leaping and bounding like frogs
Varying from 8-month old puppies to older
Breaking against any leash holder
Running wild; at times in circles
Their ears perk; tails arched like squirrels
In a wide gym, there were wagging tails
Up high as if sails
Dogs panting, pink tounges flicking out
Their eyes watching; as if to direct their route
Of running everywhere
A certain agility course; running through a “bridge”
Bars interlocked in the middle like a ridge
Dogs trailing across; attempting to balance
On the bridge; hoping their attempts are valid
At times, the dogs lie down; lowering their heads
Stretched as if they are on their beds
At times, bored with upcoming announcements
Of the activities; the dogs are waiting for an arousement
Of leaving this place
Entering outside without a trace
Once it’s done, the dogs go home
Back to where they roam
Padding along the parking lots;
Across the numerous spots
Of rain drops

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