For Better or For Worse

January 25, 2018
By kkbowen BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
kkbowen BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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For Better or For Worse
A father
A leader
A mentor
Someone to turn to in dark times

For his family 
He is the rock
He is the glue
Then who does he have to turn to

He finds an outlet
A drink
A river of relief
Soothing as it slithers down his throat
In his head it will solve all of his problems

It’s always on his mind
Every second of the day
As the days go by he comes to find
That it’s hard to turn away

He comes home late at night
Just looking for a fight
So he can be right
All the children were peacefully sleeping
Well not anymore
They are all in a huddle
In the corner on the floor

He feels empowered
Like he can do anything
But as those drinks are towered
They could all get knocked down with just one swing

For the family
The rock crumbles
The glue expires
As he finds a new desire

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