Lucky the Horseshoe Crab

April 2, 2009
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Lucky was a horseshoe crab,
who was born at Sandy Hook
Little did he know,
he’d be the subject of a book

It started seven years ago,
When he was an egg on the beach
Many fellow eggs were snatched by gulls,
But he was behind a rock out of reach

He grew to be an adult,
and avoided being caught for food
Otherwise he’d be in a Chinese restaurant,
As a part of horseshoe stew

He was once caught by fishermen,
To be used to bait eel traps
But he escaped and crawled away,
because the net had gaps

He was even caught while mating,
at the bay at Sandy Hook
This stupid kid named Eric,
picked him up to take a look

Thankfully he put him down,
so he could crawl away
He fled into deep water,
It was just his lucky day

That’s why they called him Lucky,
but his life was not all fine
The water that he called his home,
was in a state of decline

The pesticides from nearby land,
and sewage and waste water
Found their way into his happy home
Who knew this could occur?

Sometimes the passing boats and ships,
even leaked oil into the water
If he had a voice to speak with,
He’d say this was not what he preferred!
He’d say that he preferred his home
be free of toxic waste
and that all the pollution we cause,
is just a huge disgrace

We’ve been around for millions of years,
but never have we seen
Water this polluted,
it was once very clean!

Pul-leeease stop all the dumping,
that’s what Lucky would say
Clean up our ocean water,
before we die away

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