January 25, 2018
By TheLoneOnes BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
TheLoneOnes BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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I wanna be numb maybe even dead
I can’t deal with all this heavy emotion
I have a lot whirling ‘round my head
I can’t be happy, that’s a foolish notion

You try to help, but just have it seriously hurt me
You make me see what I’ll never have in my hand
You make it worse because I know I’ll never be free
You will just never know how it feels nor understand

They, the world, and all it’s cruel twists
They torture and love to see me crying
They make me want to decorate my wrists
They love to watch me fail when I’m trying

I give up, I’m done pretending and doing this
I give up, this is all just a huge  waste and futile
I give up, so watch my demise and fall to bliss
I give up, because I’m weak and they are brutal

The author's comments:

My friend said to try this out and we’ll here I am. My life is pretty bad at the moment but I know others are worse of and that helps me deal with this on going battle of depression. 

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