A Happy Place

April 2, 2009
By Jeff E BRONZE, Marlton, New Jersey
Jeff E BRONZE, Marlton, New Jersey
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The foamy waves crash around
my feet while the sharp scent of salt
assails my nostrils, and the sharp edges of crushed shells press at my feet.

I am happy here, despite my burning skin
I am happy here, even through the sharp salty wind.

I know of the waves, and the hot, stinging sand. I know of these things, yet here I stand.

On this beach, in this sea, I can enjoy myself, free of misery.
I can build sand kingdoms, surf cool waves, or even sit there, enjoying the scents, sights, and sounds of this magical land.

Gazing through the morning fog, I realize that, despite the frigid water, the glaring sun, and the pinching crabs, I am happy here, and gladly here I stand.

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