She Flew

April 2, 2009
By Dasani BRONZE, Bremerton, Washington
Dasani BRONZE, Bremerton, Washington
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Way up high she flew
As free as a bird
She swore she could touch the sky
She swore she would

But when she left with her big beautiful white wings
The sky turned black
Streaks of light stretched across the sky
And rain poured down

She came crashing down to the ground
She was broken
But everyone had turned their back on her
She had not done what she swore to do
She had not touched the sky

Broken and alone
She tried to mend herself
But she could not do it alone
So she left
For some far off land

She didn’t know where she was going
But she knew that she was along and broken

Alone and with nothing but the clothes she was wearing
She walked
Until she could walk no more
And collapsed in a field of grass
With tears rolling down her face
She slept
And dreamt of touching the sky

But the dream turned to a nightmare
Where the sky turned black
And she was thrown down to Earth

With a short scream
She woke up
Her clothes clung to her
With sweat

A small dark room
Was were she woke up
She walked out

A small village bustled about her
Every time
Someone saw her
They smiled

They didn’t look away
Or act like she didn’t exist
Tears streamed down from her eyes
And she fell to her knees
With happiness

She healed
Her wings
Her wounds
Her heart

She talked about touching the sky
She swore she would
But the people of the village told her
It was alright if she didn’t

As tears shined in her eyes
She swore she’d do it
For them
And watch down on them from the skies
They’d always be safe

With her big beautiful white wings
Now streaked with gold
She flew

Way up high she flew
As free as a bird
She swore she could touch the sky
She swore she would
And for the people who saved her
Cared for her
Believed in her
She did

When she reached the sky
The village people cried
For their angel
Had left them
To watch down on them
From the skies.

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