Yoite (Night Winds)

April 1, 2009
By NovaChan BRONZE, Richardson, Texas
NovaChan BRONZE, Richardson, Texas
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A night wind seeps through,
Will you stay?

He has a power that reduces his own life
every time he uses it.
At most… two months left.

Rejected from the world he found
a boy that could grant his wish:
his existence.
That he wanted.

The teens grew to stick to each other and needing them,
even through tough times,
He was dying, a few days left.

Sought out to protect
He finally got his wish,
the teen didn’t want him to die.
He couldn’t live without him.

Although he ‘erased’ him, he left some memories.
Fragments of Yoite are deep in his heart.
We are not strays.

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