All But a Dream

January 15, 2018
By mollygallagher BRONZE, Bay Village, Ohio
mollygallagher BRONZE, Bay Village, Ohio
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The waves had seemed quieter than usual
They had gone afloat and slowly drifted away
To a place that seemed non-existent from reach
I felt a sense of relaxation, yet vulnerability invade my body
As I sat there quietly a sound rung through my tingling crisp ears
The birds bustling in the white crystal sand
I was cold from the morning frost
As I watched the sun beautifully and brightly take over its kingdom
After that moment, I stood up quickly, looked both ways not knowing what I was searching for
Then headed backwards out of my dreams
The sunrise has a crucial impact
It's something about the sense of knowing
Even after the sunset, the sun will always be revived in an upcoming lifetime.

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