April 1, 2009
By Zachary Tajerstein BRONZE, WEST HEMPSTEAD, New York
Zachary Tajerstein BRONZE, WEST HEMPSTEAD, New York
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The climb to the summit, and the ladder
to the moon.
She wishes upon a lone star, in the sky
so clear, yet her future so bleak.
Through the breath of another,
she lives in silence and her heart screams
as she yearns to fasten the clouds.
Oh those transparent clouds,
and their devilish schemes, the need to land,
just to fall through.
But such is life, as is death,
through the lungs of G-d, and the loss
of her mother.
Only one score, minus five years to come,
she weeps in dismay.
Trek the cloud, and reach out
to heaven.
And rest under her bosom again.

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