Broken Hearts Mended

April 1, 2009
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In you walk broken hearted, hairs a mess
A tear forms in the corner of your eye
As I watch you fall farther into the dark my heart bleeds for you
I reach out my hand and offer some advice
Take the bad, push it aside, and simply allow the good to remain
Simple words of wisdom start something amazing

As words are exchanged back and forth, sparks start flying
Before you know it we’re caught in a whirlwind of emotions
Happiness, fear, love, trust, and broken hearts come together as one
Bonds are formed and secrets divulged

As I reach for you in the dark you’re there without hesitation
Will you be mine?
A simple question starts the unthinkable
The odds are stacked against us but we push it to the back of our minds

The lies start build up while emotions run deeper
Tangled up in each other but being ripped apart by the real world
Every night as I leave your car reality hits me and darkness closes in

Driving, lying, finding spots to hide
Everything is colliding
Nighttime brings us peace as we move together creating an explosion of passion and pleasure
Daytime sets in and we continue to hide
Desperately avoiding the real worlds reaction

The secrets begin colliding and cause some dividing
Things start falling apart piece by piece
Each lost piece opens a new wound
Words are held inside, desperately struggling to get out

Finally there’s an explosion
Pain, tears, and frustration ensue
Whatever shall we do
Words go back in forth
Happiness is on the line

Finally there’s nothing more that can be said
Silence closes in around us as we continue towards our destination
We park and with one embrace I learn all that I need to know
I promise not to let go without a fight

As the elevator takes us up a solution begins to form
We walk through the crowd desperately clinging to each other and I become resolute
We must create a rewind button of sorts
Go back to the beginning but allow the feelings to remain
Emotions saved from destruction
Lies promise to cease
No more covering up something that’s no longer there

Joy floods my heart and a smile spreads across my face
The solution shines like a light through the darkness
The new path begins to itself and everything else fades away
We look each other in the eyes and exchange words to reassure the path isn’t an illusion

I’d lie for you, die for you, cry for you, punch someone in the eye for you
With every move you make and every word you say, you take my breath away
When I’m with you I don’t know up from down
I’m tossed all around
Oh look we’ve reserved me a seat in hell

Baby you make my world go round
You fill a place that’s been empty for the longest time
My heart, my head, my mind, my body, my bruises, and my soul are yours
I wouldn’t have it any other way

Reality may try to tear us apart but love holds us together like glue
Labels no longer matter
Our hearts are marked with each others name
I’m yours and your mine

Simple words, pure emotions, and sheer honesty start patching us up
Broken for a bit but compromise fixes us once more
The pieces are mended and our hearts are reconnected
Words laced with emotion allow the incredible to remain and all doubts to fade

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