I've seen every billboard and every dirty magazine

March 31, 2009
By ViPEdn BRONZE, Winchester, Kentucky
ViPEdn BRONZE, Winchester, Kentucky
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you know studies show that
people like me
are hardly ever set free
induced with the feeling of liberation
from a powdered pill that killed my stimulation

no, im not an advocate to the bottle
but i've been stumbling for years
as my vision fades and dissapears
holding on to the unstable ground i've found
and when you ask me how long i've been here
i'll slur 'i've been around'

i avoid being a statistic
and am constantly blamed for being narcisisstic
though my pain is there, it's not just black and white
there are no tears, but the disconnection of wires
that once connected my heart to my mind
i think with my heart and i love with my head
and when you asked me what my purpose was
'forgiveness' was all that i said

my mistakes layer one upon another
so deep it lies across my mind like a breatheless cover
i never find the time to eat, sleep, or even speak
but i'm no longer the victim of my own technique
when you're standing right in front of me
and it's no longer hard for me to see
that at this price
an appology just won't suffice

now, i may have taken the long road down
but i'm as far down as this road can go
i've seen every billboard and every dirty magazine
i've heard the records and i've set the scene
and none of these comes close to days i spent in your eyes
and when you ask me why I came back
i'll answer that when it came to you, I was never very good at goodbyes

The author's comments:
I'm nothing professional or anything I just sit down with a notebook and in a few minutes I have a poem or a song. Figured I'd post some somewhere and see where they go, I don't know. Let me know what you think.

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