Sacramento my home

January 10, 2018
By Oouuuuitsaugie BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Oouuuuitsaugie BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Sacramento my home,there’s much to love about my home it smells like a ocean with a hint of cherry. Whenever I walk outside my door the people are so sweet and they greet me everyday I love my home the grass is green almost to green and my house looks like a movie star lives in it oh my how I love my home.             All of that kinda wasn’t the truth sorry if i made you believe it was ,my home sacramento is nothing like that the air smells like strong weed and beer the grass is brown and yellow and my house looks like no one should even be living in it.There’s gangs and lots of killing and the blood that we see in our home looks like a red stream.          In sacramento there’s more places that are better than others and people won’t always show the bad the mainly show the good but there’s lots of bad things that happen.when you walk outside you see the gang members and the violence,trash and the other kind of culture’s but when they do a commercial i bet you won’t see any of that but that’s why we are here to tell the truth.          I love my home because i feel safe when i’m in my home but if your coming visit have fun but just don’t stay!

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