first kiss

April 3, 2009
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people say it's a big deal
you wait for it,
at least us girls do
the right guy comes along,
you let him hug you,
hold your hand
and when he asks to do that next thing your unsure
you like him alot,
maybe even love,
so as he slowly moves his head towards you, you don't back away
you let him kiss you, this first time seems so important
but in the future it won't, you and him will part, you'll kiss others, feel the same as before
or you'll feel it stronger.
this may seem like a lie but people who have
expierenced it before know that love is born, it grows, then ultimatly fades, weather it includes ones death
we're told the first time is so important but yet i think the last is the one that will stay with us forever. i won't know untill i get there but i hope i have a nice journey,
i'll cherish the people that i love, even as they fade into the backround, and then wash away.
what will be left by the wave will be my last, what i hope to be the best.
people say the first is a big deal but i think it's the last that counts, that makes everything worth the trouble of finding that one,the one that will be your last, and i know it's strange but in some way your first.

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