Ode to my hair brush

January 8, 2018
By hername.yauna2x BRONZE, St.Louis , Missouri
hername.yauna2x BRONZE, St.Louis , Missouri
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Oh hair bush how I love you so much
You always save my hair from that nasty crunch
Sometimes you hold me up from lunch
Which causes me to get into a big ole fuss
Then my mom pulls me aside just to discuss

Gold brush, Blue brush, Orange Brush, Hard Brush
One Brush, Two Brush, Old Brush, New Brush
Big Brush, Small Brush, Hot Brush, Cold Brush
I love this brush so much it might as well be my new crush

Everywhere I go I bring my brush
From home to the mall
To the moon and even the school bus
I might bring the comb along if i’m in a such rush
I just really hope that my brush doesn’t attract dust
If some asks for my brush I will say no because
I really can’t trust

Oh how much I loved my brush
Until it began to mold and rust
One day it just snapped 
Oh how my poor old brush fell into that trap
It slowly just turned to rust
I cried and cried about my brush
I want to buy me a new one but all those
Sweet memories will soon be ruined

The author's comments:

My hair is always a mess, so me being able to use a brush to do my hair on most days inspired me to write this piece. 

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