January 3, 2018
By Anonymous


On windy days,

And snowy nights

I used to try,

To make things right

I looked in a mirror,

And said to myself

That no matter my mistakes,

I would have faith

That even I,

Could do things well

If I keep trying,

I'm bound to overcome

This feeling of weakness

And this feeling of fright

And eventually after,

A lifetime of wrongs

I would finally do something,

Perfectly right

And though I'm lacking,

Any talents or skills

I will not go down,

Without a fight

Because even someone,

Like me can succeed

In doing something,


I refuse to allow,

People's words to slow me down

People's laughter as they,

See me miserably fail

And people's eyes as they watch,

Me fall down in pain

Because they no longer matter,

In this small world of mine

My only concern is my health,

My body and mind

And making sure,

I'll always survive

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