Its Sad

March 25, 2009
By kay10 BRONZE, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
kay10 BRONZE, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
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It’s sad how she has to pretend who she is.
She wears the make-up to cover the bruise; she puts on a smile for the crew.
She acts so happy but she isn’t true.
All because of this she sits and wonders why.
It’s sad how she has to pretend when she walks into school,
She sees the stares and she feels the glares,
Now comes the tears,
All the while the memories keep calling
It’s sad how she goes home every night and has to hear the same fight.
Hiding in her room because she knows who beats up who.
It breaks her heart that no one can see what she goes through.
If she could just take off the make up and show some tears, let them know her biggest fears.
It’s sad this girl won’t seek help because she has a doubt.
But maybe one day she will be able to shout and let it all out.
She will stop the fight, she let her fears come out into light
She will show her might to make it right.
Its sad she has to pretend as she sits in her room, knowing the next crew
Will see her bruise, thinking that it isn’t true,
And all the stares and talk will stop,
Finally a tear will show, the night will glow.

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