Love: Poem 1b (7) of Six

December 23, 2017
By Labyrinthescaper GOLD, Harare, Other
Labyrinthescaper GOLD, Harare, Other
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Preach to broken hearts and you will never lack an audience

I chose you,
Night, day,
Alone, surrounded,
I chose you
You're the only illogical thing that makes the most sense
I'm complete when I'm surrounded by you,
Soaked in your truth,
I only have peace, the incomprehensible kind, during these times,
I'm only complete then
I'm only happy in that moment,
Those crazy times
When you are here,
It's insanity,
But that's what makes it love.

The author's comments:

This is the first poem in part two of my 'Six:Spoken word poetry' anthology and the seventh all in all. Six is a 2 part poetry collection from my heart and mind about everything important to humanity and myself at the time. The first six poems have a theme which is each poem gets its name from the previous poem and the next six are the same with the addition that each poem is connected to the same number poem in the first part. There are spoken word video performances at the end of each part :)

Video performances for part one can be found here:

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