Lie to Me

March 25, 2009
By , seabrook, TX
Lie to me. That's all I can think. I see you; I watch your eyes as you talk to me. Your false words fly and sting like wasps. I close my heart to hide my bleeding soul. I clench my hands and feel my nails dig in. I hear you, and what you say burns my ears. I bite my tongue to keep from speaking. Blood drawn, my anger burns like the blood in my mouth. Lie to me. Just like you always do. I lie too. To you, to others, to myself. I say I'm fine, that it doesn't hurt. It does, but I can't tell you that. If you hurt me then you win. Well you won't hurt me again. Brick by brick, my heart hardens. I watch you with unblinking eyes. No tears, no feeling, no pain. I am empty inside. I am reflected in your eyes. See the hollow thing I have become? How your love has brought me down. For every teardrop, every smile, my heart would break and bleed. But no more can I weep for you, for my falling tears have hardened in my eyes. They drop like diamonds, only to shatter on the ground. Lie to me, and watch me turn from you. I no longer watch you with heartbroken eyes. My head slips underwater as my heart of stone is sinking. I am at the bottom of the deepest pool filled with tears I have shed. See my shelter, this ocean of the deepest blue. I am safe where you cannot reach me. Your tear filled eyes close because they can no longer lie to me.

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Dorothy L. said...
Apr. 9, 2009 at 2:11 am
I understand on where you are coming from I have felt the same way this past year a friend left me stranded and all alone after she said she would never be like anyone else in my life and then she stabbed me in the back and it hurt i have tried to tell her how i felt but it never worked
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