no place like us

March 25, 2009
By SPORK=) BRONZE, Neh Nah, Pennsylvania
SPORK=) BRONZE, Neh Nah, Pennsylvania
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No place like us.

Set me on top of that mountain

Send me throughout that blue sunlit sky

Save me from gravity

This is for not just a grandfather

But for a remembrance of my friend

I remember our times

Talking to you

Laughing at times we shared

You’re in my heart keeping me strong
Tears from my eyes falling, forming us

I know in a world of families
Memories of us shall never fade

There’s no place like us.
I look up to you as if you were 7 foot tall
The days you were not feeling well
Laying in bed looking up.

The easy life you, reaching your Lord is finally there
Before you left you didn’t remember my name
I stayed strong for both you and me
When I moved away I knew that was my last good-bye but I didn’t want to know
Seeing you now would be great
I had a dictionary of things left to say
I do remember my last glance of you
2 years ago
You were wrinkly like prunes
Smart as an encyclopedia
Walking slowly like a turtle crossing a road
The old people cologne still is strong in my nose.

When you left I know you made it to the top of your mountain
Higher than me

I remember you saying “I love you”
Wish I would’ve said it before you gone
I lay in bed, reaching out to you.

It seems I can’t reach
Too little to live the world all hourglass is full of sand

I glance up at the sky
Beauty captures my pupils
A man-hole to heaven
Proving to me your watching me
No tears, I know you’re here
You’re not just I the clouds
You’re next to me
Believing in me
The little angel sitting upon my shoulder
The whisper in the wind
The proof reader
My inspiration
My determination

I got to the top of that mountain
And through that blue sunlit sky
Not where I wanted to be
I needed to be here
You next to me cause when I am here
There is no person
No store
No house
No matter where I look there is
No place like us.

The author's comments:
this story is about my pap that died before i got to see him cause my parents had gone through a divorce that lead us to split. i miss him but instead of crying i love to write about him and his great life i was apart him. he spread joy to everyone. i like to thank my parents tooo i couldn't ask for anyone better even if i don't show it. enjoy=)

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SPORK=) BRONZE said...
on May. 7 2009 at 11:22 pm
SPORK=) BRONZE, Neh Nah, Pennsylvania
2 articles 0 photos 1 comment
Wow this is awsome, your DAD

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