Midnight Waltz

January 2, 2018
By IzzyIzabella PLATINUM, Arlington Heights, Illinois
IzzyIzabella PLATINUM, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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One Two Three
Her crimson dress strokes the parquet
making it look so easy just like a sway
One Two Three
Her palm presses into his
and you would think she’s no longer a Ms.
One Two Three
His right hand curves around her back
pulling her closer to get a whiff of lilac
One Two Three
Their eyes and silent smiles beam
not letting awed whispers break this dream
One Two Three
Silky rose petals brush up against their feet
composing a lip lock oh so sweet
One Two Three
She rests her head on his broad shoulder
and allows him to be her heart’s holder
One Two Three
He gives her a spin as the clock strikes midnight
hoping to see her one day in white
One Two Three
It is the dances of dances
full of classical romances
where only love takes chances

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