King with no Crown

March 25, 2009
By jah Robertson BRONZE, Burlington, Vermont
jah Robertson BRONZE, Burlington, Vermont
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What have we done
To earn this rage
To be chained and sold
Displayed on a stage

Not long enough
Have we lived to offend
One, I know not of
How do I begin?

Taken from our homes
A land of kings
Golden sands
Tropical birds who sing

One day hunting
Captured and whipped
On fate’s boat
Taking a life trip

Bought and sold
Whipped with shame
Screaming animal
Like it was my name

A prince of Ebony
A son of the earth
With nights so dark
As my sacred birth

A king with no crown
With my father’s death
Wished one thing
With his passing breath

“My love, my son
You must lead the lost
And free our queens
At any cost”

“Do not raise your hand
In revenge or hate
For if you disobey
The penalty is great”

“Yes, my father
For my people I will
Free all our queens
No more to kill”

“Free all our sons
And daughters from bonds
Lead them to lives
Of freedom for long”

“I will, I will
My word I give
No more will die
I promise they’ll live”

And as the prince
Buried his father in the ground
Look to the earth
All piled in a mound

The sun formed a halo
He wore on his brow
And the king with no crown
Wore one now

The author's comments:
This piece is about slavery and the hope that came from my ancestors and my parents in surviving.

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