No Connection

December 22, 2017
By Looseleaf BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
Looseleaf BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
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Not a word can pass through a wall, multiple attempts to break it down or sneak around. Nothing to connect to an outside world. Surrounded by four white walls, and alone. There are no bars, but still trapped. I must pay the price. A glimmer of hope in a cell nearby, only to be wiped out in seconds. No words, no signals, not a sign from anyone. Forgetting to pay for far too long, and now must suffer the consequences of bitter loneliness. A yearn to speak falls on deaf ears, my own. I am trapped with no one but myself, and that is who I have to blame for such consequences.

The author's comments:

I had no wifi or phone service for a weekend.

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