Four Texts He Never Sent

December 19, 2017
By MacKenzieLeighPeterson BRONZE, Papillion, Nebraska
MacKenzieLeighPeterson BRONZE, Papillion, Nebraska
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I miss you. It's not like I simply miss your face or your arms, or even your lips. Those I could do without. It's just that your presence felt like home and I swear I lost that when you left. I never felt so homeless and alone. delete 
You know how people text their lovers in the morning? I guess it's weird that I'm texting you in the middle of the afternoon. Don’t judge me but I swear this glass of vodka tastes like you and this empty bottle is our love. Please don’t leave now because- delete  
I hate you. I hate everything about you. I can't stand you anymore but I love you. And I can't breathe. Please answer me. I can't-  delete 
You used to shimmer like a piece of heaven, but you're gone and I've fallen spilling my heart out isn't helping, so what do I do without you. what do I do withou-  delete  
Hey, how have you been?  sent

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