A Message to Those Who Hate Papillion

March 24, 2009
By Rachel Wang BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
Rachel Wang BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
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“A Message to Those Who Hate Papillion”

I hate Papillion, an ugly place,
With not a single of my race.
Everywhere I turn, a familiar face,
Yet here I am lost in a sea of white.
Some culture, some diversity, I want just a taste,
I want more like me and question,…how selfish right?
But is it so wrong,
When day after day,
I lose motives to be strong,
My life slipping away.

Not a drop of hope can be found.
But what is this I see,
Another me has come around.
Papillion has not lost all diversity.

Suddenly my days seem brighter,
The cornfields seem to have a yellowish glow.
Each growing day my steps get lighter
And I realize the serenity of this place I did not know.

Papillion an illusion of a boring place,
Lacking culture, a home I cursed.
But don’t give up; the fun is in the chase,
Even I had found culture, enough to quench my thirst.

Now with friends, I’ll pull an all-nighter,
My once loose memories of Papillion
Grows tighter and tighter.
Worth not even a million.

So on a day when you’re in doubt,
And question your sanity,
Trapped by green stalks, no way out,
A land of utter monotony.

Hoping to be anywhere but here,
Wishing, wanting to disappear.
You are blinded
And be reminded

What is the real illusion here?
Blaming Papillion would be an easy task,
It is however the city, I fear.
It is the city that wears a mask,
And underneath you wish to see,
Wanting to feed your curiosity.
So then your fingers begin to peel,
You see the city, you see what’s real.

Industries, pollution, and smog,
The sun blocked out by heavy fog.
The city is just a big machine,
The people are the gears, everyday the same routine.
The same boring circle,
With nothing but the scent of diesel.

And this is what you want, I ask?
A city that just wears a mask?
I doubt that and hope you learn,
It isn’t the city that you yearn

“You ride horses and no cars”
Though the city kids may tease,
But be sad for them, they who have never seen our stars
Who never felt our summer breeze
Who have never seen our bountiful sunflowers,
In between their tall, tall towers.
Who have never seen clouds so white,
When underneath the parking light.
Who have never seen a sky so blue,
When waking up to greenish hue.

So now do you still doubt?
Do you realize how much they are missing out?

Papillion is kind, be thankful
Papillion loves all, so be less blameful
And don’t use “hate” a word so strong
To say you hate would be so wrong

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