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December 21, 2017
By Stenths BRONZE, Freeport, Maine
Stenths BRONZE, Freeport, Maine
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“Woof,woof ,woof.” As I wake up from my dogs barking at 4 am in the morning on a school day. I peeked out my window to see what my dogs were barking at. Oh my gosh I say to myself…. there was an ambulance. My stomach immediately sank, and I panicked.  I then slowly opened my door because I could hear voices that were unfamiliar to me. As I got to the kitchen, I saw my dad having this thing over his mouth with these two rescue people around him. I made full eye contact with my mom. At that point I went over to hug her, because I had  no idea what was going on. My mom just kept saying, “he will be alright, he will be alright, I will tell you more on our way to the hospital.”

“Okay,” I responded.

My dad was still trying to get oxygen in his body, and he was sweating very badly. He looked very pale. I knew this wasn't going to be good, but I kept thinking positive things in my head. I was just still very confused and concerned. They finally got him on the stretcher, which was very hard, because he was passed out. As they brought him outside, my mom and I was looking out the door. At that point I was tearing up, and my mom again just kept saying, “he will be alright, he will be alright.”  Tears kepting going down my face, and I just couldn't help it.

“Honey go get dressed and then we will head to the hospital,” mom announced.
“Okay,” I replied in a daze.

We were now in the car heading to the hospital, and I was half asleep.

“Mom what happened to dad?” I asked her.

She replied,“He woke up and then woke me up saying it was hard for him to breath, at that point I immediately called 911. He just got worse while we waited for the ambulance. He was passed out when they arrived, and that's when they gave him the oxygen mask.”

My response was just really oh my gosh is he going to be okay. I just was very worried and didn't know why this happened. The hole car ride, I kept asking question after question to my mom, but she didn't know a lot of the answers either, so we just had to wait and see what caused this. My mom asked me to put my brother, Josh on the phone so he would know what was going on; he was out hunting. “Ring,ring,ring.” It took a few tries to reach him.

”Hey buddy,” my mom said.

“Hi,” replies Josh.

“I gotta tell you something, so Hannah and I are on our way to the hospital, because daddy woke up and could barely breath.” There was a long time of silence. “The ambulance came to bring him in to the hospital.”  
“What, really.”

“Ya, can you come as soon as you can?” she asked.

“Okay,love you,” he responded.

We were now pulling into the parking garage as my mom hung up with Josh. When we got into the hospital, they sent us down to the bottom floor where my dad was located. They sent us into this small little room where patient family members stay. The person at the desk shared that someone would be right in to ask my mom questions. As we were waiting, my mom quickly called mostly everyone in our family to let them know what was going on.Then the first doctor came in and asked us for my dad’s personal information and stuff. He kept comforting us to make us not worry,which was hard not to.  She than called my older brother Ben because she knew he could come and help us especially me. Ben said he would be right there.

The rescue guy came in and sat down. He explained what they were doing in the other room to my dad. What he said was that they were in the process of  using the jump cables to try and get him back to life. At that point my mom and I were starting to tear up. I just couldn't believe this was happening. He just said they have good nurses and doctors here to help him and I know he will make it and to ,hang in there. We both thanked him.  At that time my brother Ben just got there, and my mom had to explain everything. She started tearing up when she mentioned they were jump starting him, so she went out in the hall with my brother.  I knew she didn't want me to see her like that, because it would make me even more upset. My brother then came back in with me to sit with me as my mom was still in the hall. I just couldn't stop thinking about my dad and was still confused. I ask some questions to my brother because he's good at helping me understand by explaining things. All I was praying for at the moment was for them to bring him back to life.

Knock knock knock, it was another doctor with my mom as well.

“Hello guys,just wanted to check in and let you know that they had to jump start his heart three times for him to start breathing again and they are bringing him up to the next floor to look more closely at what's the reason for this to happen.”

I was so relieved at that point and gave my mom a big hug and brother,which I really needed.

It was now 6:00 am.  I’d been in the waiting room for at least a hour very bored and scared. One of the nurses finally came in to tell us to move to the next floor where my dad was located now. We went up in the elevator that bought us now in this bigger waiting room. My brother, Josh showed up at that time with my dad’s parents and our good family friends. Also my dad’s brother that we haven't seen in like 2 years.To which surprised us all, but was happy to see him here. My mom and I hugged them all being very emotional and answering all their questions. We all went in the waiting room to wait for the next nurse to update us. When we were waiting, my mom called the middle school and the high school to tell them what is going on and that we would not be at school.

“Hey honey want to go get something to  eat with Josh and Kristen?” my mom asked me.

“Ya sure,” I replied.

Everyone else stayed as we went down to get something to eat.

“Jeez i’m going to get a work out for just walking to get something to eat.” I said to them. They chuckled. I ended up getting a breakfast sandwich and hot chocolate but really didn't have a appetite to eat anything. I just didn't feel like talking to anyone. I just felt down in the dumps. We went back up to the second floor to the waiting room. My mom was now talking to some doctor which was asking her more questions. I just kept hearing them talk about what happened, and it just kept making me tear up. Somethings that they thought it could be was something to do with his lungs, and some other things that I can't remember, or congestive heart failure. That’s when your heart isn't working like it should be, because of fluids blocking in your lungs. Wow, crazy how something like that can just randomly happen. I really wanted to understand what caused it.   My mom mentioned to them that he had this cough for a long time and he never went to the doctor for it. Last thing the doctor said to my mom was that they are making slow process and will bring him to the third floor so they can keep this oxygen pump down his mouth along with other tubes to get that fluid out. Also they were going to put him on a lot of meds. He also said when they got him to the next floor someone would send us up there.

I asked my mom, “He’s not awake yet right?”

“Correct ,he won't be for awhile probably,” she replied back to me. This was not what I wanted to hear; it was too scary to think about. I look at my phone and saw it was 8:00 now. I also texted my friends to let them know I wouldn't be at school,because of what was going on. I also wanted them to know too, because we were just starting this big dirty thirties project which I was also stressed about. There was a lot of silence from the people in the waiting room thinking about my dad and the situation. We all kept saying to each other he is going to be okay and we are all here for each other. I was so exhausted and really unsettled.  My mom and I had been up for like 4 hours and probably would be all day because he definitely would have to stay for at least a night or two.

Time past slowly and now we finally moved into  this way bigger waiting room with a lot of other people that are going through mostly the same thing. Most everyone left at that point except my grandparents, Josh, my mom and I. There was a television in this room so at least I had something else to do but the show that was on was like jeopardy so not that exciting. There was this older lady that started talking to me and my mom. She was hard to understand her because I think she was partially deaf. She asked us why we were there so my mom answered and asked her what was her reason. Her response was that her husband had a heart attack and had been her for 4 days. When I heard that I was hoping my dad wouldn't have to stay that long.
It was around lunch time now and I was starving. We went down to get something to eat then went back up. “Beep” I got a text reply from my friend Catriona finally saying “oh my gosh is he going to be okay are you okay”, and she was all worried and just made me smile to realize I have someone on my side. I texted back and asked if she could come to see us.  Finally after hearing all the updates, they said two people could go in  at a time and see him. So my mom and my grandmother went in first. Five minutes went by and my mom and grandmother came back and had tears coming down which just made me tear up and give them a big hug. My mom asked my brother and me if we wanted to go in to see him. She shared  it might be scary and sad to see my dad like this, but I needed to see him. We all walk out the hall and into the room where my dad was located. First I saw other people being very ill too. When I walked into where my dad was I see him with this big tube down his throat and other tubes attached to him. It was scary to see my dad like this especially with him having his eyes half open and knowing that he was passed out. We all said  little things to him and all gave him a hug. That moment I started crying so we walked back to the room but I didn't go right in because I didn't want people to see me like that. This was just one of the worst days, I thought to myself. My mom calmed me down and we went in the waiting room. My mom called some other people in our family to let them know what was going on,there was just so much going on I couldnt take it I needed a nap. There was this quiet room that was down the hall with a couch in it so me and brother went in there to take a nap.

I woke up after two hours which was good. My mom was in the room and told me that catriona is on her way with her parents. I was happy when she told me that because I just needed a friend. They called and said they were almost here so my mom and I went down to go meet them. Cat! We gave each other a big hug and hugged her parents to. They all asked how we were doing and just said staying in their. We all went up to the room and told them what happened and everything. My mom asked them if I could spend the night with them and see if I wanted to go to school or not the next morning because she was going to stay at the hospital. Absolutely  they said. It was getting late so I said goodbye to my mom which was very hard for me because I didn't want to leave her and went with the Goulds. We walked  out to the car and Catriona gave me a big hug  because I was tearing up just couldn't stop thinking about my dad. We got in the car and still was just balling my eyes out mostly for the whole car ride. Catriona just kept saying it's going to  be alright we are all here for you. We were now at Catrionas  and got something to eat,than went to head to bed because I was exhausted . I just kept talking to catriona about all of this and asking questions and just could fall asleep but eventually did.

It was the next morning, didn't feel like going to school so I didnt.

”How did you sleep?”catriona’s mom asked

“Eh okay.”

We brought Catriona to school that morning and than her dad brought me back to the hospital. When I saw my mom I gave her a big hug and asked how daddy was doing. Her response was “the same”. It was going to be a long day at the hospital again and prayed for him to recover fast.

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This peice shows a hard time in my life descibing traits about me

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