the nightmare at football camp

December 15, 2017
By zamir BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
zamir BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
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 We were having a flag football game at the football camp on Halloween. All of the football players were in the Halloween spirit. They had on weird outfits and goofy stuff.


Once everyone made it to the camp, we started a flag football game. There were two teams; the team I was on was called the Head Hunters and the other team was named the Slaughter Gang, and as the game went on, it started to get a little out of hand. There was cursing, pushing, shoving, and talking bad about people’s mommas and everything else you can think of  but my team pulled off the win.

  After the game, we decided to go trick-or-treating .

    Being the competitor that I am, I  decided to have a little competition. We split up into two groups, and the game was to see who can get the most candy before 12:00.

We went our separate ways: my team went to Bellaire, the rich part of town, and as the deadline got closer, my team was sure to win, but as we approached the place we were going to meet, it was almost 1:00, and my other group of friends were nowhere to be found.

  As good friends, we started to look for them, I recall Darion (the other team leader) telling me that they were going to go on street called Dead Man Alley over by the cemetery. so As we made our way over there, it started to get really creepy, and I noticed  a few of my friends were so scared that they wanted to turn around, but I couldn't do that to my friend, because something bad could have happened, causing them not to come back at 12:00.

             It was almost 2:15 A.M., and we made it to Dead Man Alley. We were walking, calling our lost friends’ names, but they were nowhere to be found. We were not going to give up.

We started to go to house to house, and there was only one house left on the street. It had been abandoned for the longest, so I thought there was no hope. But as we came up to the house, the porch light was on, and I thought that was crazy. Nearly 10 years before, the previous owners had mysteriously disappeared, and nobody else had been there since the disappearance, so I found it shocking to see a light on.

We went up on the porch, looked around, then we  knocked on the door several times and no one came up to the door, but we kept knocking and still no answer, so I rang the doorbell but no response. As I rang  it the second time, the floor dropped right out from under me and my friends went under the house into a secret  underground basement.

There, we found our friends, and they were terrified.

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