March 22, 2009
By Anonymous


It was utterly a cataclysmic deprivation
Of my rights
I was informed I was moving to Texas
In one month
And I could not say anything against the matter

It was already set in stone
Signed in blood
And whatever other things parents do to make sure their kid has no say-so
I was infuriated

My parents had just divorced
And now my mother wanted to start her "new" life
Somewhere away from my father
Somewhere away from my friends
Somewhere away from the house I had lived in since I was born
But mostly somewhere away from Minnesota

And now the month had ended
And I was in this steel dragon
Flying me away from my castle
To be held prisoner
Like some fairytale princess

Except I didn't have a night in shining armor to save me
And the dragon had been paid
By my mother
To take me to this God forsaken land
I didn't want to be at

When we arrived my mother hugged me
And I pulled away
My eyes screaming at her
"Why did you do this to me?! How could you?!"
She just looked away unwilling to answer

The house she had bought was sterile
With no character or even scent of human habitation
The walls were an icky pale white
That matched my pale fragile skin
There were two bedrooms upstairs
One mine the other a "guests"
My mothers was downstairs next to the living room
In all matters I hated the house
And its horrendousness

Fortunately the movers had already placed our furniture
And all I had to do was unpack my boxes
I sat there loathing the very reminisce of my room

It was bigger then my old one
But the space made it feel quirky and strange
My stuff was in the same place
But much more spread out
I sat in the middle of my floor thinking about all that I had left behind

Mom eventually came upstairs bringing me a glass of water
She sighed "Honey, I know it'll take some time, but you'll like it soon enough. I know you will."
"I'm not as confident in that as you are mom." I replied sipping down the water
She winked and restated "You are going to be fine, just give it some time okay?"
I nodded.
Maybe it wouldn't be so bad
Maybe I should take it as an adventure to start anew
Or maybe it was going to be hell
But any way it was going to be
I may as well try and make the best of it

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