I'm No Actress

March 22, 2009
friends will come
and most will go
you'll get ditched
and that boy won't show.
you'll say its okay,
that it doesn 't matter.
but behind those eyes,
you wonder how many times
you'll break before you shatter.
but it's okay, it's no big deal.
they left you, so the bond wasn't real.
it's just stupid to say that you have a best friend
that you'll be there for eachother until the end.
when really, it's just an untrue fact,
it's nothing but a long going act.
so i'm fed up, screw this, goodbye to you
don't expect me to make you smile when you're blue
or pull all nighters just for the heck of it
because quite frankly, i'm no actress, i quit.

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starrloves said...
Jan. 3, 2010 at 4:22 pm
i found this his easy to relate to. good job, &keep writing!
purple_people_eater said...
Apr. 27, 2009 at 8:05 pm
i really like this, its honest and well put. keep writing.
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