Double Half Full

March 21, 2009
By enilorac GOLD, St. Petersburg, Florida
enilorac GOLD, St. Petersburg, Florida
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I don't care
if you're lost and lonely.

Who cares
if you wander wildly,
whispering your words of

What's left
if we split a banana split
in two and each take two shares?

I don't care
if you care
about those friends you have
far off in a fantasy land
you call Freedom.

For fake friends
fill no food boxes,
and hopes harbor
no coins.

I don't care
about these abstract aspirations
you call hopes and dreams.

But suppose you and someone do?
maybe you should make
Fake will be real.
Hopes will be reality.

Perhaps you will lead
a future formed of
those who care.

The cup could become
double half full.
Make me that miracle.

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