My Heart

March 21, 2009
By Shweetastic GOLD, Eatonville, Washington
Shweetastic GOLD, Eatonville, Washington
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A fake smile
A cancerous Disease
My heart can not take all this pain

The moment I heard
The moment you told me
I wanted to cry,
Break down in and ocean of tears

The complete sensation of shock
The exact feeling that I got from your words
I hid from you

I saw your face
I saw the look on their faces
The forlorn blankness
It reminded me of a pit of blackness

The tears everyone wanted to shed
The feeling of overwhelming consciousness
It fades in the depths of my mind

I hide in my shell of emptiness
Afraid to let you see me
See the real truth that needs to come out
Afraid that if or when I show you my tears

You will cry and worry thus more
I put myself under thick camouflage
So that these feelings don't show

The cancerous melody hums in my mind
I parade around with a mask on
Just so you do not see the pain
The simple grief on my face

I masquerade with this detestable feeling
That is yet to be seen by others
I hide the truth from you.

You do not see the whimpering child;
That is me.
The sadistic cries to whom no one knows.
I see your face and I smile!
My Attitude changes with each breath I take
Yet, I still can not fight threw the wilderness I call my mind.
And this pain continues to grow

Yet all I can do is put this smile on
Shine like the sun
And make you as happy as you can be
I love the person you are.

I will not loose to this fearful reality
And as I hide my fear underneath this blanket
I smile, and put my fear aside for just another day.

The author's comments:
My boyfriend at the time, Ex now but still really good friend. Has been battling cansor for about 6-7 months now, He is coming home soon, He will be done with radiation the middle of this month. This Poem is about when we first found out he had cancer.

this was a school assignment that everyone loved.

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