Ripped, Torn, Crumbled, but not yet Broken

March 21, 2009
By Traumitizedchild BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Traumitizedchild BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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So many people have ripped it apart,
Even forths...
After someone finally finished taping it back together,
It was torn to pieces right before my eyes by that someone.
I super glued it so no one could ever rip or tear it.
But that didn't work...
When I thought no one could ever do anything to it...
it was crumbled by my beloved friend for whom i had fallen for...
And now its been straighten out and framed for you to see...
I'm afraid the frame glass will weaken from being with you too long...
That one day you'll break it,
And so it shall lay shattered within me .
For my heart has been ripped, torn, and crumbled...
I DON'T want it BROKEN too...

The author's comments:
This has been inspired by those who have their heart ripped, torn, crumbled, and broken (heartaches); and my past experiences.

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