One Country Boy

November 28, 2017
By bambi99 BRONZE, Colgate, Wisconsin
bambi99 BRONZE, Colgate, Wisconsin
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You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.
-Bob Marley

He’s the only one who gets me. I am the only one who gets him. One country boy with a perfect smile and a baseball cap like mine. One that I don’t deserve but am lucky enough to have. One hard working man to support the family. From the living room, I can hear him snore, as I make breakfast he lays in bed and doesn't appreciate it.
Our baby is kept a secret. His parents don’t approve of me. They never will grow up and accept me, they throw their little tantrums and tell him how to live his life and who he can and can’t be with, always angry when they see me. This is how it has to be.
If they found out a baby was on the way, they’d all attack like lions in the safari, each with tears in their eyes and anger in their hands. Leave her, leave her, leave her they say when we visit. They hate.
When he is too strong and too in love to leave me, when he is disowned by his parents, then I feel like it is all my doing. When there is nothing else he can do. One who loves despite his family. One who is joyful and don't forget to smile. One who’s my only reason to live.

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