I miss you

November 16, 2017
By sharn BRONZE, San Jose, California
sharn BRONZE, San Jose, California
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Today I confess the day we grew apart
We lied about never growing apart
You told me we always going to be together
We lied about being there for each other
You told me you will be there when I need you
I am standing here asking for help
But you are not reaching out to me
I am reaching my hands towards you
But you are not reaching for me
I walk towards you
But you turn your back on me
I want things how they used to be
We going out to eat
Going to dances together
And shopping for stuff we don’t even need
Just calling me middle of day
And saying “let’s go to the beach”
Bringing me food in middle of night
Napping together
How long do I have to wait for you
I miss you
I am just standing right here waiting for you
I am waiting for you to come back
To take my hand
And let me know what you want
You should know all this
Because you are my best friend
I miss you

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