Sincerest Apologies

November 6, 2017
By a_brook GOLD, Merrimac, Massachusetts
a_brook GOLD, Merrimac, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"You'll understand why storms are named after people." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’m sorry for believing that I have no other half,
When everyone else needs a soulmate. 
Because I am a complete human being on my own,
Not a puzzle to be completed by a man. 

In a society that puts a premium on romance,
I’m sorry for believing that friendship is more important. 
The world still revolves without a lover,
But slows when friendships fade to dust.

I’m sorry that I don’t believe in fairytales,
Or at least the kind children’s books endorse. 
My happily ever after is a plane ticket to adventure,
Not a generic shining castle and golden crown. 

When everyone else posts staged photos,
I’m sorry for enjoying some reality sprinkled in. 
Honesty brings technicolor splendor
To the bland black-and white stage of the fake. 

I’m sorry that I chose to love the person I’m becoming,
Rather than resenting all my imperfections. 
I refuse to romanticize low self-esteem,
Or fund an industry that preys on our flaws. 

And while everyone is losing faith in the world,
I’m sorry that I still have hope for the future. 
Not because every person is beautiful,
But because united we can create something beautiful. 

I’m sorry for not feeling the least bit sorry,
Because I will not compromise by values for anyone. 
For who would I be if I lived by another’s morals?
So, I’m not at all sorry for having beliefs that will remain strong.

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