The Kitchen

October 24, 2017

An orchestra of culinary instruments roars,
and the food makes a melody.
Timers buzz, and the oven fans circulate in joy
as a cake springs to its feet in the beat of the heat.

The dishwasher cleanses the plate’s dirty faces,
and washes away built up worries,
releasing them as steam into
the sweet perfumed air.

The inner-beast in the yeast grows,
doubling the dough in size.
The beast rises, gaining strength, holding itself up
in the sweltering hot box.

Below the beast, lie cookies on their baked backs.
They hear the scream of potatoes as
their skin is fried in hot oil at last.

Pastries puff and come out with a huff as their
gooey insides ooze beyond themselves.
The flaky dough cools down to a golden crisp.

Creatures fill the kitchen, and cookies disappear.
Greasy potato heads are dipped in a red bath,
and the beast is stabbed with a shiny blade.

Flavors replace the fury
as the food is taken into another world.
The sweet cookies never forgotten,
their will written as a recipe for disaster.

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