March 28, 2009
By Addison Palacios BRONZE, Corona, California
Addison Palacios BRONZE, Corona, California
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You are my chocolate,
Tiny in my hand
A shiny new thing, wrapped in a silver gown
You tempt me as you lay between my fingertips;
Your upright Hershey's flag waves at me
Whispering its okay to pursue
At a glacial pace, I unwrap you
Tearing you open too fast will damage your soft curves.
I peel away your metallic sheets to reveal your umber sides,
Dark swoops of smooth satin.
I smell the familiar air of your sweetness,
like a birthday cake wrapped in frosting.
On my lips, you are warm
When I pull away you cling to my mouth
And I catch remnants of you with wisps of my tongue
-Speckles of rich cream for my indulgence
Impatiently, I thrust you in my mouth
You heat up and unfold
bending over my tongue to form a blanket around my tastebuds
Like bellowing sheets of linen spread wide
You begin to dissipate-too soon
Your taste no longer lingers
I am left with this wrapper
-Crinkled ball of worn tinsel

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