March 27, 2009
By Dan Hewitson GOLD, Neptune City, New Jersey
Dan Hewitson GOLD, Neptune City, New Jersey
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Apocalyptic impending pension
Brings a doom down upon the moviegoer
In a garden of nightmares a fantasy grows
Unable to release the tension

A summer breeze blows through
Summer sweat of the weakened/weekend warrior
Arms heavy, brow moist
The warrior has a family too

Heavenly angels fly on wooden ships
Greeting the mortals with kind heads
But halos turn to horns
The devil’s laid down his chips

The space frontier, same as the western,
Except it begins with a bang
Mars trails behind a marvelous glow
Dark engulfing moon caverns

Insomniacs sight auras of light
Colors for each and everyone
loss of sleep equals loss of head
Victims of a losing fight

Ocean winds blow the sands of time
Covering historic prior secrets
But as the breeze blows my face a maroon
I wonder if I’m standing on a buried crime

Funhouse follies in a suburban attic
Tunnel vision of the Boston skyline
Television set turns on abruptly
The screen enclosed in black and white static

Stars shine their light on friendly foes
A signal of warning from the gods above
But no one backs down from their stand
For the outcome, one will never know

Slaves sprawled out, entwined in chains
Newlywed kleptomaniacs
Stealing the poor, sell to the rich
Malice, blamed on growing pains

Euphoria consumes my inner being
Daydreaming in a room of French walls
Closing my eyes, precisional vision
Because believing is to be seeing.

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