how i feel

March 27, 2009
By michelle nin BRONZE, Brentwood, New York
michelle nin BRONZE, Brentwood, New York
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as depression roles in
so do all of my sins
after depression theres the tears
then fallowz the fears

bringin the blade close 2 my skin
just thnkin of what coulve been
and as i take my last breath
i walk in2 the arms of the angel of death

as i look in2 his eyes
i ask if i could give my goodbyes
and as i give them away
my body seems 2 shimmer n sway

as i dissappear in2 the night
i seem 2 get my biggest fright
it seems that what had just happened was a lie
cause i didnt die

i am still alive
like a baby cry
i thought that what i thought i saw was deaths seal
but i guess its just how i feel

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