I Saw it all with my Ears

March 27, 2009
By Jackie Othon BRONZE, Douglas, Arizona
Jackie Othon BRONZE, Douglas, Arizona
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They entered the room
I hid under the bed
The room was dark
My eyes were shut
I heard him yelling
Why does he hurt her?
Doesn't he know he hurts me?
I knew he loved me,
But I didn't love him.
I knew he hurt her with his alcohol,
But I never knew he would do
What he did that night,
He killed a part of me.
His eyes,
Stained with blood.
His head,
Filled with words.
His lips,
Empty like my heart.
They didn't know I was there
He didn't know I saw the whole thing
Eyes shut
Tears escaping
Ears wide open.

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