Colored Clams

October 18, 2017
By joyjoy.HAPPY BRONZE, Coarsegold, California
joyjoy.HAPPY BRONZE, Coarsegold, California
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I will sing for joy! -Psalm 92:4

Two clams sat on a sandy reef bed,

One was pink with cream ruffles and the other brown with red,

So the pink said to the brown,

"I love how the ocean sways!"

And the brown replied,

"I don't how the sand gets in my eyes"

Then, feeling the tide roll in, added,

"It actually feels nice"

"Relaxing," said the pink,

"Blue," said the brown,

The pink clam crossed her brow and inquired with abalone shining in her throat,

"How can something 'feel blue'?"

"How can a rainbow be happy or hopful?," returned the clam of brown,

"If Noah found hope in the symbolism of colors, why can't I find colors in symbolism of hope?"

The pink clam pondered this then finally she said,

"If the ocean feels blue, then I feel yellow"

"And I feel red," concluded he,

"What does red mean to you?," she asked,

"You go first," the brown clam said hastily,

and so the pink clam evaluated shyly,

"I feel very happy when I'm with you"

The brown clam blushed,

"And red means love to me"

Then the two clams let the waves wash them on their way and they strode down the reef,

Each admitted red and yellow emotions to the other,

Until the two clams found a coral bed and were married by the kelp,

Fish swam by and anemones congradulated the newly weds,

Many moons and waves laters, the two clams had a pearl, They raised their pearl lovingly in the tidepools and smiled in the sand,

And the two clams sat on a sandy reef bed,

One was pink with cream ruffles and the other brown with red.

The author's comments:

We all can find our own colors throughout the adventures of life. I pray you enjoy the most loving and joyful of the colors!

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